Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Unsaid Words

Words unsaid,hidden in your heart
for which I wait,while everything falls apart
you stay silent,let everything crumble
still I wait for your shout...a voice...a mumble

But in vain!!Coz you willl obviously not speak
You want it all to end,dont you??But you are all too weak
Now its upto me,to do what has to be done
Coz where we stand,it works either both ways or just none

You wait for me to break and do it for you
Does it reduce ur pain,your grief?Do you have any of it in you??
So here I stand in front of you stating
the obvious....words that you,all along,have been waiting

Behind that face of grief you keep
Behind the tears that shed,is that relief that seeps??
I shall always wonder as I did from the start
about those words,thoughts,unsaid..hidden in your heart