Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Unsaid Words

Words unsaid,hidden in your heart
for which I wait,while everything falls apart
you stay silent,let everything crumble
still I wait for your shout...a voice...a mumble

But in vain!!Coz you willl obviously not speak
You want it all to end,dont you??But you are all too weak
Now its upto me,to do what has to be done
Coz where we stand,it works either both ways or just none

You wait for me to break and do it for you
Does it reduce ur pain,your grief?Do you have any of it in you??
So here I stand in front of you stating
the obvious....words that you,all along,have been waiting

Behind that face of grief you keep
Behind the tears that shed,is that relief that seeps??
I shall always wonder as I did from the start
about those words,thoughts,unsaid..hidden in your heart

Sunday, July 8, 2007

In a Single thought

Thanks to samarpita n her frnds for coining the name

Each time I see her I love her more knowing that she is someone else’s
Each time I look at her I betray the love that I feel
And also the hurt coz she feels the same for someone else
Why cant I be like him…I wonder
What has he got that I don’t???
And these thoughts go on n on
Till I am so frustrated that I go back to the excuse that I don’t love her
And that I only wanna remain her best friend forever

I tried so hard to be the man of her dreams
I wanted so much to be the cause of the sparkle in her eye
Each time she speaks of hime its like my heart is burning in flame
Each time I don’t react to what she says ,her face falls and its me who is to blame
I don’t have the strength to smile at her and cry on the inside
To tell her the truth and be the obstruction to her paradise
I knew that he controls how she feels and am sick worrying
But I cant dream of ruining the happiness she is feeling
On one hand I fear the pain he can cause her
While on the other I cant imagine causing her any

Oh god…wat am I supposed to do???
You play a game in which Im a nothing but a fool
A fool who will hate himself no matter what he does
Because he con anly cause sorrow to the one he loves’
What am I supposed to do tell me God!!
How can you expect me to love as well as lose her in a single thought??

My Mother

She was the one who gave birth to me
The one whose thoughts shaped me
She was the one who taught me to talk
The one who took my hand in hers n made me walk

Time flew by as I grew older
My mind started shifting to new things,feeling bolder
As the challenges life threw at me grew
She stood beside me and saw me through
But somewhere in between as I faced the tough times
My eyes didn’t notice that her face was filling with lines
I kept thinking Id spend time with her after this quest
But then it wud be after the coming one,then the next

She never complained,never she did
She was just happy to see me growing from boy to the man that I did
And one fateful day ,suddenly,she just left
Leaving me with those empty promises of spending time with her that I never kept
I think of all the times she needed my shoulder
Only to end up taking my head in her lap and listen to my woes as I told her
And then Ive realized what Ive lost
The nothing which Ive achieved and the loneliness Ive now got

Now when I desperately want to feel her presence in this room
I only have the empty air creating an even bigger vacuum
And it sinks in that she is gone forever
My mother whom how much I dearly loved I never told her....

The Final Thought

This is a very dark one.....inspired by "Shantaram" n some other incidents etc.....

My throat aches dry from the urge
My voice silently screams as for the vien my hands search
The needle is in my hand
Just a prick away from taking me to my dreamland
My muscles ache to loosen
To again feel the toxin make all slacken
My brain desperately seeks the “cure”
To all the thoughts that madden me all the more
My mind drowns in a whirlpool of thoughts
How the present the past has wrought
The blood of foe that stains my hands
The betrayal of friend that pierces my heart
The death of my brother in front of my eyes
The way they all tore apart my paradise
Yet now After I have avenged all of them
My mind still doesn’t attain the peaceful realm
And so I now resort to the needle
Because what I want only it can wheedle
As I plunge the needle into my vein
And feel the drug deaden the pain
I go back to the paradise that I crave
The world of darkness where I rave
One of these days will be one of those
When I shall take that larger dose
And I shall finally live in my paradise forever
And maybe somehow forgive all…bt myself..NEVER!!!

My Take

When you make friends in whom you confide everything
Tell them your innermost thoughts that they know your very being
you always take a huge risk
Because one day they are all gonna judge You ,no matter what it is
And then you will realize youre big mistake
Because you will then have to justify your actions…not to ur conscience but to whats their take
And then you will end up living a life which is nothing but fake
Alas!!my friends…my life is mine…sumthing which Im gonna make
I for That I trust myself and nothing else matters,thats MY TAKE!!!

Here I Am

This one is inspired by Metallica/Bob Sager's Turn the Page....

I wake up in the morning ,another day which starts in the night
As people around me give up,not ready to stand up and fight
I gather myself together,thinking about the road ahead
Here I am, thats the world
Here I am,This is my way

As the clock ticks two I stand, and stretch long and wide
Hoping that it will somehow,take away the frustration I feel inside
The will that is inside me,makes me stand up to the night
Here I am,thats the world
Here I am,This is MY way

As I go to work I think about,the people that I have lost
The pals of mine who stayed awhile,then left because they thought I was lost
I wonder for a moment,what if they are right
But then know in my heart,dat it was worth it just to fight
Here I am,thats the world
Here I am,This is MY way

Today I stand successful,people looking at me from the crowd
Many wondering how lucky I am,to have reached upto this cloud
I look back at the days,when I needed cash no one wud lend
The times life gave me no option to stand,but just to bend
my heart wud push me further,telling me patience will give godsend
and finally I am here,satisfaction running through me end to end

When the whole world is against you,n you just wanna give up
Just ask your heart a question,Is this all dat I got
And once you get the answer,there will be no stopping you
Come whatever may,your just not gonna lose

Here I am..and THIS IS THE WAY

Be Yourself

From the time he is born the first thing he is taught
Is to Be like the one who is always sought
From the time he learns to spell success
He is told why someone is treated with more respect while someone less
So he starts looking here and there
At people who are considered to be the best there ever were
and he starts imitating their actions for one sole reason
So that one day some kid listens to his tale and makes him his shining beacon
But of course he reaches nowhere
and den he wonders why he isn’t d hero who is now standing there…
suddenly he sees the connect which seems so obvious now
The simple idea which never struck him bcoz of listening to the orthodox crowd
That when he was taught “We are who we choose to be” as a kid
He always assumed It was either this or that guy because of sumthing he did
While actually the one who stands on top chooses neitherHe chooses to be himself and dats the life’s mystery’s answer


A couple of days back I had the privilege to meet a very successful entrepreneur. This post is regarding that unforgettable experience.
I had heard the saying many times “To do BIG one needs to THINK BIG”, but I realized its significance only on that day. From the whole experience I learnt two things in short, the value of entrepreneurship and second, the importance of thinking big and achieving it.
It is very easy to take up a job and sit and listen to what goals need to be achieved from the person above you, even if it means slogging like a dog because, at the end of the day, its not your money that is on the line. What you risk is one meager job, while what you may have done to lose it may be a blunder costing millions of dollars. But when it is your money that’s on the line, each step you take will be given the value it rightfully deserves. But the obvious problem in this whole idea is that if a person wants to be a successful entrepreneur and do really well, he has to think really big and out of the box, and also have the guts to carry it out, knowing well that that a mistake may cause catastrophe.
The person I had the opportunity of meeting built a huge mall, a multiplex, a residential complex, a corporate complex, a hospital, schools and a 3 hotels (a 5star,a 3star and a 7star), a convention center, a stadium and an opera theatre all in one area next to each other. Basically what he did is that he built the best ever foundation that could be provided to an area that was once not even heard of. This is what I believe is entrepreneurship. Sure, he will make a lot of money etc. but everything that he has done results in only one thing-development of the country. Throughout the whole meeting, I was struck by the amount of social responsibility that an entrepreneur carries and the good the he/she can do if he/she wants. The second thing I was struck about was the sheer guts of the whole idea. Each building that was being built had something different about it i.e.: stood out either in the country or in the whole world, and hence would be enormously expensive. The thing to admire about the whole venture is that it was not necessary to make buildings of that caliber, because it is very evident that the way the Indian population is growing, there is no doubt that his venture will be a great success no matter the quality. Yet he did it. Why? To ensure that the city develops to be one of the best in the nation and hence follows the idea given by our President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, that after the metropolitan cities, there is a need for a number of cities to develop to the level of metropolitan city if vision 2020 is to be reached.
Such a great success obviously must have had even greater risks. The important thing to note about this venture was that the person itself undertook the entire investment. Hence all his money was on the line, not like a company that takes money from the public. Of course, due to this the profit would also be the company’s alone, but that is not the point. The point is that when a person envisages something so different and so huge, even with all the preparation and assessment, it is an enormous decision to go with it. The conviction of the person in the endavour is what I feel is a thing to learn.
With such a successful venture, a hundred people could live generation after generation on the rent etc of the constructions built. But the plans of the company are quite different. Now, the company proposes to built a whopping 20 cities of this sort, all having one thing in common-It has to be the best in its area. One can imagine what a boost this would be to the economy of the country, with the employment opportunities, the infrastructure, the education, the availability of medical aid and so on and so forth. This I believe is the trademark of a successful entrepreneur. Once a venture is successful, to forget about it and have the fire in the belly for an even bigger venture.
This whole experience was an eye-opener for me, and that is why I am posting it. Any comments or discussions would be greatly appreciated

The Nomad

This one is inspired by Three Doors Downs-Be Like That...though The lyrics is completely on a different thought process...Ive made the lyrics wid the tune vaguely in my mind..

He lives his whole life making new friends
on and on forgetting the rest
and at some time he wonders..
Is the sum1 ive left??
He moves from here to there
Promising to keepin touch
While in his heart he knows
its not going to last...

All of them say they know him best
but the truth is dat no one does
coz he lives a different life in front of em all...
keeping his feelings to himself
coz he knows that the one he knows best today
he will not tomorrow
he thinks life is too short to be close to just 1 person
and yet too long to commit to one
and dats why before he decides to say hi
he is already preparing his gudbyes..

He says he has a million friends
while actually he has none
coz he lives two lives
and none of em know the real one
Yet sumwhere among them is this girl...
who knows him better ,the more he desperately tries otherwise
coz he knows whats is so today is not tomorrow
but what his mind speaks his heart just does not follow..
n so this is gonna b a tale of yet another hearbreak
unless he puts her off….for both’s sake….
Coz he will have to move again tomorrow
And he cannot afford this feeling…coz it will only result in sorrow

The Unseen Chains

How would it be to die
To feel ur heart stop as ur mouth goes dry
How would it be to just cry
To lighten your heart out as the tears roll by
How would it be like to just sleep
To not bat an eyelid as the whole world takes a leap
these are things we shall never know
They will just be things bout which we shall think,give a wry smile n let go
COz all of us are bound
Bound by the chains of commitments around us
never free to do what we wanna do
Never free to experience what we wanna feel
Life is a journey,they say
I say its one in which we sit tied to the back seat
n watch while the flight runs on autopilot
waiting for signs of a crash
So that we too can be "LOST" n then actually find ourselves...

First Impression of College

People come to college with great expectations
Not about the college but its romantic reverberations
Each one thinks he’ll meet her now,
The one who is meant to be his and that’s why is sent from up above
But day1 arrives, and CRASH goes the dream
And he is so disappointed he wants to scream
Left, right he looks around for maidens in lovely poses
But such a thing here seems as out of place as a desert full of roses
Suddenly, he notices a guy giving him a knowing smile
Looking at which he feels like kicking him hard to feel satisfied
The guy comes to him and says-its ok, I’ve been there, felt that
In time, you will also come to terms and accept this fact
That though college is supposed to be the place to learn to love
Unless you are gay, this statement is not applicable to the college you have chosen

My View of Success

Its funny how people change as time flies by
The pal we know becomes just another guy
It’s shocking to see a decent enough fellow
Turn to someone so dark he makes the real bad guys seem mellow
But there are few others who make it the other way round
The ones who make the best of the new environment in which they are around
These are the ones who make it really big in life
‘coz they are the ones who take situations in the best spirit, and not just sit and cry
in the end, the obvious question, is , of course, why?
Some blame the system, few thank it
The truth is, you become what you are because of what you make of it
The world places a thousand problems on your head
It’s up to you, if, and when you solve them, hence becoming the sidekick or the one who lead…


We enter the class,all benches empty
Yet the race is always for the last one
The prof goes on blabbering
but the one who just doesnt bother is always considered the coolest one
All of us have worked hard to get herestill here we are today,
working even harder to screw it up
So All of us,who were studious to the boot now,
cannot help but wonder-Have we lost the route??
Yet none of it seems wrong
The more the prof ignores us,the more we try to rake up a storm
They say,The better the college,the better the knowledge we recieve
Then why is it that when we are in one of the best,its the total opposite of what they percieve???I guess the knowledge that we get here is just one important one
Thats what u do just before the test is what counts....the rest is just like stretching before the run