Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Final Thought

This is a very dark one.....inspired by "Shantaram" n some other incidents etc.....

My throat aches dry from the urge
My voice silently screams as for the vien my hands search
The needle is in my hand
Just a prick away from taking me to my dreamland
My muscles ache to loosen
To again feel the toxin make all slacken
My brain desperately seeks the “cure”
To all the thoughts that madden me all the more
My mind drowns in a whirlpool of thoughts
How the present the past has wrought
The blood of foe that stains my hands
The betrayal of friend that pierces my heart
The death of my brother in front of my eyes
The way they all tore apart my paradise
Yet now After I have avenged all of them
My mind still doesn’t attain the peaceful realm
And so I now resort to the needle
Because what I want only it can wheedle
As I plunge the needle into my vein
And feel the drug deaden the pain
I go back to the paradise that I crave
The world of darkness where I rave
One of these days will be one of those
When I shall take that larger dose
And I shall finally live in my paradise forever
And maybe somehow forgive all…bt myself..NEVER!!!


cherubicgurl said...

dis ones brilliant..din d lik d idea of drugz though lol!!

d paradise is in d mind, d dreamz r d carriage...take on n step into d ride,mind u widout d needle ;)

Aditya Nair said...

Thank u for the encouragement...