Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Unseen Chains

How would it be to die
To feel ur heart stop as ur mouth goes dry
How would it be to just cry
To lighten your heart out as the tears roll by
How would it be like to just sleep
To not bat an eyelid as the whole world takes a leap
these are things we shall never know
They will just be things bout which we shall think,give a wry smile n let go
COz all of us are bound
Bound by the chains of commitments around us
never free to do what we wanna do
Never free to experience what we wanna feel
Life is a journey,they say
I say its one in which we sit tied to the back seat
n watch while the flight runs on autopilot
waiting for signs of a crash
So that we too can be "LOST" n then actually find ourselves...

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