Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Nomad

This one is inspired by Three Doors Downs-Be Like That...though The lyrics is completely on a different thought process...Ive made the lyrics wid the tune vaguely in my mind..

He lives his whole life making new friends
on and on forgetting the rest
and at some time he wonders..
Is the sum1 ive left??
He moves from here to there
Promising to keepin touch
While in his heart he knows
its not going to last...

All of them say they know him best
but the truth is dat no one does
coz he lives a different life in front of em all...
keeping his feelings to himself
coz he knows that the one he knows best today
he will not tomorrow
he thinks life is too short to be close to just 1 person
and yet too long to commit to one
and dats why before he decides to say hi
he is already preparing his gudbyes..

He says he has a million friends
while actually he has none
coz he lives two lives
and none of em know the real one
Yet sumwhere among them is this girl...
who knows him better ,the more he desperately tries otherwise
coz he knows whats is so today is not tomorrow
but what his mind speaks his heart just does not follow..
n so this is gonna b a tale of yet another hearbreak
unless he puts her off….for both’s sake….
Coz he will have to move again tomorrow
And he cannot afford this feeling…coz it will only result in sorrow

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