Sunday, July 8, 2007

Here I Am

This one is inspired by Metallica/Bob Sager's Turn the Page....

I wake up in the morning ,another day which starts in the night
As people around me give up,not ready to stand up and fight
I gather myself together,thinking about the road ahead
Here I am, thats the world
Here I am,This is my way

As the clock ticks two I stand, and stretch long and wide
Hoping that it will somehow,take away the frustration I feel inside
The will that is inside me,makes me stand up to the night
Here I am,thats the world
Here I am,This is MY way

As I go to work I think about,the people that I have lost
The pals of mine who stayed awhile,then left because they thought I was lost
I wonder for a moment,what if they are right
But then know in my heart,dat it was worth it just to fight
Here I am,thats the world
Here I am,This is MY way

Today I stand successful,people looking at me from the crowd
Many wondering how lucky I am,to have reached upto this cloud
I look back at the days,when I needed cash no one wud lend
The times life gave me no option to stand,but just to bend
my heart wud push me further,telling me patience will give godsend
and finally I am here,satisfaction running through me end to end

When the whole world is against you,n you just wanna give up
Just ask your heart a question,Is this all dat I got
And once you get the answer,there will be no stopping you
Come whatever may,your just not gonna lose

Here I am..and THIS IS THE WAY

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