Sunday, July 8, 2007

Be Yourself

From the time he is born the first thing he is taught
Is to Be like the one who is always sought
From the time he learns to spell success
He is told why someone is treated with more respect while someone less
So he starts looking here and there
At people who are considered to be the best there ever were
and he starts imitating their actions for one sole reason
So that one day some kid listens to his tale and makes him his shining beacon
But of course he reaches nowhere
and den he wonders why he isn’t d hero who is now standing there…
suddenly he sees the connect which seems so obvious now
The simple idea which never struck him bcoz of listening to the orthodox crowd
That when he was taught “We are who we choose to be” as a kid
He always assumed It was either this or that guy because of sumthing he did
While actually the one who stands on top chooses neitherHe chooses to be himself and dats the life’s mystery’s answer

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