Sunday, July 8, 2007


We enter the class,all benches empty
Yet the race is always for the last one
The prof goes on blabbering
but the one who just doesnt bother is always considered the coolest one
All of us have worked hard to get herestill here we are today,
working even harder to screw it up
So All of us,who were studious to the boot now,
cannot help but wonder-Have we lost the route??
Yet none of it seems wrong
The more the prof ignores us,the more we try to rake up a storm
They say,The better the college,the better the knowledge we recieve
Then why is it that when we are in one of the best,its the total opposite of what they percieve???I guess the knowledge that we get here is just one important one
Thats what u do just before the test is what counts....the rest is just like stretching before the run

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