Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Mother

She was the one who gave birth to me
The one whose thoughts shaped me
She was the one who taught me to talk
The one who took my hand in hers n made me walk

Time flew by as I grew older
My mind started shifting to new things,feeling bolder
As the challenges life threw at me grew
She stood beside me and saw me through
But somewhere in between as I faced the tough times
My eyes didn’t notice that her face was filling with lines
I kept thinking Id spend time with her after this quest
But then it wud be after the coming one,then the next

She never complained,never she did
She was just happy to see me growing from boy to the man that I did
And one fateful day ,suddenly,she just left
Leaving me with those empty promises of spending time with her that I never kept
I think of all the times she needed my shoulder
Only to end up taking my head in her lap and listen to my woes as I told her
And then Ive realized what Ive lost
The nothing which Ive achieved and the loneliness Ive now got

Now when I desperately want to feel her presence in this room
I only have the empty air creating an even bigger vacuum
And it sinks in that she is gone forever
My mother whom how much I dearly loved I never told her....


Pankaj said...

well dude cudnt control myself but to appreciate u fr this wonderful poem man....its amazin....awesum....way to go....

Dileep said...

my condolences...
but thanks was a wake up call 4 me..

n i never knew u could better Wordsworth!!

Xorkes said...

hey nice poem

Aditya Nair said...

Thank u,....
btw...I made it just on the feelings I felt after I read a buk.,...
so pls ... no thanks for the condolences :)