Sunday, July 8, 2007

First Impression of College

People come to college with great expectations
Not about the college but its romantic reverberations
Each one thinks he’ll meet her now,
The one who is meant to be his and that’s why is sent from up above
But day1 arrives, and CRASH goes the dream
And he is so disappointed he wants to scream
Left, right he looks around for maidens in lovely poses
But such a thing here seems as out of place as a desert full of roses
Suddenly, he notices a guy giving him a knowing smile
Looking at which he feels like kicking him hard to feel satisfied
The guy comes to him and says-its ok, I’ve been there, felt that
In time, you will also come to terms and accept this fact
That though college is supposed to be the place to learn to love
Unless you are gay, this statement is not applicable to the college you have chosen

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