Sunday, July 8, 2007

My View of Success

Its funny how people change as time flies by
The pal we know becomes just another guy
It’s shocking to see a decent enough fellow
Turn to someone so dark he makes the real bad guys seem mellow
But there are few others who make it the other way round
The ones who make the best of the new environment in which they are around
These are the ones who make it really big in life
‘coz they are the ones who take situations in the best spirit, and not just sit and cry
in the end, the obvious question, is , of course, why?
Some blame the system, few thank it
The truth is, you become what you are because of what you make of it
The world places a thousand problems on your head
It’s up to you, if, and when you solve them, hence becoming the sidekick or the one who lead…

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