Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Inconvinient Truth

I wrote this one after watching “An inconvenient Truth” … Al Gore’s Documentary
"Its difficult to get a man to understand something
when his slalry depends on his NOT UNDERSTANDING it..."-Al Gore

Its funny how the world works
How in each action ,a consequence lurks
Yet,here we are,at this moment, on oneside,with one cause
And then with the opposite,without so much as a beat or pause

What is ethical,what is not
I do not judge, Im not that lot
What on my mind is just one thing
How the hell does one choose his wing

Is there an idea behind each side
Or do all of them change as regularly as the tide
Should principles resonate in my voice
Or should that too change as time flies

Someone Said…
“The only thing that’s constant is change”
Well,its not that way from what I gauge
Coz from what I gather,some things are same
The politics,the confusion,the shifting of blame
What seems to change is just the odd name
While the rich get richer and maybe some more fame

Its like climbing a mountain cliff
Everyone trying hard to reach that elusive tip {Here,everyone refers to countries}
The ones below trying hard to trail
The “great” ones above,their fading trail
Never once does one stop n stare
No No No…to us the beauty is all too stale.

And yet some hope that things will change
For principals and ideals it’s a war they wage
Takin on one person at a time
Showing us the truth,what we’ve done,our crimes

Will we change,or will we lose
Will we still follow the old ways or finally start to choose
Its not a question of WILL but WHEN,really
Coz we either change or will pay dearly


Shanker said...

nice man...gud ur back at it...

Xorkes said...

oye.. good one!

shivam's said...

a new genre being explored..dats class

Priyanka said...

one of ur best poems..i loved it..thoughful, intense yet mild in its own way...