Thursday, May 22, 2008

Random Musings

This is just the result of a really boring day and a lot of channel surfing and a mind desperate for some exercise.

a)The Lord of the rings

Real life analogy:

The life of a Smart Bachelor:

Assuming the person is a smart bachelor,there will be numerous people waiting to obtain the ring he possesses but is unwilling to give.He,in turn,takes advantage of this fact and convinces these people to do his bidding.Obviously,he is not to be blamed for it because it is just the ring's effect on him that is making him take this advantage and he is not responsible for what he is doing.

Finally,somewhere along the line,he makes a mistake and loses the ring to another.After which,of course he pays for his mistake as the new ring bearer is more bothered about the ring and other things than the old ring bearer himself.

Solution:It has been observed that these qualtities of neglecting the old ring bearer shown by the new ring bearer reduces greatly if she does not wear the ring for long.Hence,the old ring bearer must provide more new rings to the new ring bearer(which must be necessarily more powerful than the old ring).As long as this is the case,the old ring bearer has nothing to fear.A costly solution though....

How to notice that it is time for a change:When she takes your face in her hands and say "My Precious",carefully notice whether she is looking at you or her hand.You will know what is to be done.

b)The God of Small things

(Going by the title)Lets just say its a really nice attempt by Ms.Roy to sympathis with some people,making them feel that there is a God especially for them.Very honourable...

c)"Not a penny more,not a penny less" by Jeffer Archer

The only thing I can decipher from this title is that the book obviously wasnt written in the recent times keeping in mind the inflation rate.

d)Pirates of the Carribean-Dead Man's Chest

This is news.I didnt know that in the Carribean too,people areinterested in dead men's chests.

Maybe they took a leaf out of Indian Doctors,who are interested in Live as well as dead people,their chests,the vital organs that lie in and around it,and their price in the illegal markets.


Shanker said...

oh my god!!!nair!!!!

Hari Vishnu said...

hehehe.. rofl here..

can understand shankers shock.. his title of pj king has competition apparently:-)..

jobless pp are the most sarcastically creative ones.. i've always found out..

Aditya Nair said...

hehe...yeah well..what can I I can understand how bored shanker must be in class to come up wid stuff like dis ltook me a lot of effort..[:)]...